Framesi Hair Treatment Line

Framesi combines unmatched formulation expertise with nature’s most healing, beneficial, ingredients to create Framesi Hair Treatment line. The Framesi Hair Treatment line is divided into 7 programs, which are designed for in-salon use as well as at home. These targeted programs offer superior solutions to repair scalp and hair problems. Created by the Framesi Research Laboratories in Milano, Italy, results are often immediate and life-changing.

Intensive Care Treatment Program

Products designed to be used for in-salon services, to exfoliate or calm an irritated scalp prior to receiving a Framesi Treatment. Contains Mediterranean Pomegranate to calm, detoxify, and cleanse.

Dry Scalp Treatment Program

Formulated with Mediterranean Sicilian Blood Oranges to effectively alleviate dry scalp and its symptoms.

Hair Follicle Release Treatment Program

Formulated with Mediterranean Blueberries to nourish and fortify the hair and scalp, while removing impurities. An energizing treatment that delivers essential nutrients to the scalp and creates an environment for thicker, stronger hair and hair growth.

Oily Hair & Scalp Treatment Program

Formulated with Mediterranean Sorrento Lemons, rich in vitamin P, amino acids and natural acids. Astringent, refreshing, and volumizing, this treatment restores balance to oily hair.

Restructuring Treatment Program

Formulated with Mediterranean Sunflowers, offering deep-down nourishment and moisturization to damaged or over-treated hair, while fortifying the hair from inside and enhancing shine.

Volume Rich Treatment Program

Formulated with Mediterranean Seracina Silk Protein, this treatment is specifically formulated for fine hair, to enhance volume, increase shine and moisture; improves texture for longer-lasting styling, while maximizing color retention.

Color Treated Hair Treatment Program

Formulated with Mediterranean Corallina Officinalis to protect hair from UV rays and thermal styling tools, this treatment program is specifically formulated to ensure color treated hair does not lose its chromatic intensity, softness or shine.