Dellaria Salon of Lexington Introduces Raquel Welch Signature Wig Collection

“The wig salon at Dellaria in Lexington was a godsend during my cancer treatment last year. The world-class service and expertise of Elaina D. Burris helped me navigate many of the challenges of chemotherapy. It all began with a hair-shaving party that she and her colleague Anya Kagansky helped me organize before I began chemo. The party itself was an altogether empowering experience for me. Rather than waiting for my hair to come out in unpredictable clumps, Elaina shaved it in the presence of 20 of my friends. Then we tried on the three wigs I had selected, and I walked out with one of them on. To the cheers and encouragement of Elaina, Anya and my other friends. I felt more than ready to face the world and my first chemo treatment with my beautiful hair. The service and support did not stop there, though, because Elaina continued to help me choose fantastic wigs throughout the next year while my hair was growing back. I am a serious horsewoman, and I needed a number of wigs to wear at the barn and on the show circuit. I also do a lot of public speaking as part of my work, and Elaina was right there throughout my recovery, helping me choose and style the amazing wigs I wore. I loved some of these wigs so much that I continue to wear them. To anyone facing chemotherapy, the wig salon at Dellaria is your first stop. In all the trauma of cancer treatment, my wigs and how attractive they made me feel was a constant source of support and joy.”

N. K. ~ Client at Dellaria Salon of Lexington

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