We are so ready for Spring!

Hey “D” followers! We are so ready for Spring…have you been following the trends? We have! Fashion Week was filled with brights to freshen up the season…buttercup blondes, strawberry reds, and honey-laced brunettes, complemented by dark lip & nail colors. So if you’re looking for a change, think about highlights or a new color! I’m thinking about chocolate brown w/ a bit of honey b/c I love the richness and it’s the perfect color combo for the summer…and of course my fav OPI color is Lincoln Park After Dark! What are your go-to colors? <3 Dellaria

Bad Hair Day

Bad hair day…after bad hair day…after bad hair day. I need some serious help! I have medium length hair that is not quite straight and not quite curly. My hair tends to be flat at the top, and gets fuzzy, and then curly toward the bottom. So it looks like I had a perm months ago that has grown out. Straightening my hair takes way too long and does not work with my busy lifestyle. I like my curls but can’t seem to keep the curl and get volume at the top without creating a lot of frizz. I keep trying new products but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?! ~ J.P.